Best hardside luggage material

Best hardside luggage material

The best hardside luggage materials confer superior functionality and performance to luggage carriers and compartments, and manufacturers often employ several best hard side luggage materials. Each best hard side material has its advantages/disadvantages, especially in line with user requirements.

For anyone embarking on a trip, one of the more immediate worries centers on the safety of one’s luggage. Whatever the mode of transportation; air, land, or sea, the integrity of one’s luggage is an overriding concern. Therefore, one must convey luggage and other personal items in reliable travel bags. The reliability of luggage carriers is dependent on the kind of materials employed in their manufacture. You can also check the best carry-on luggage for Europe here


Before selecting any best hard-side luggage material, the buyer/user should carefully consider relevant factors. These factors are as follows:


The weight of the best hard-side luggage material is an important consideration. The simple logic is that the heavier the material, the less amount of luggage packed. This also means that there will be added costs for transporting one’s luggage in cases where luggage limits are exceeded. It would help if you also considered that using heavy luggage materials also impacts portability, making transportation more cumbersome.


Another important point to focus on is the strength of the luggage material. This factor comes into play when you anticipate that luggage will undergo strenuous handling/screening processes.


Longevity( or durability) speaks of the best luggage material’s ability to serve for a long period. In this instance, the cost of the luggage material will often come into play. If one often travels and by air, it may make more sense to choose long-lasting luggage material.


The various best luggage materials are available at different price regimes. If you are on a budget, you may go for more affordable luggage material options.


The following are the best luggage materials available in the market today:

  1. Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Black, Carry-On 20-Inch


The Rockland MelbourenHardside Expandable wheel luggage ticks many requirements for hardside luggage materials. For starters, this luggage material comes from ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a thermoplastic. This material ensures that the Rockland is lightweight and easy to move from place to place.  This lightweight also gives the user more room to pack more belongings while staying within the baggage limits. The ABS also confers strength and durability on the Rockland. Hence users can rest assured of the safety of their luggage.

Users also enjoy enhanced maneuverability with the Rockland luggage material. This feature comes from the presence of multi-directional double spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees. Users also enjoy telescopic handles that stow away easily and aids better movement.

2. Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels


The Samsonite Centric hardside luggage carrier is another stellar entrant in the best hardside luggage material category. Consider comes from 100 percent polycarbonate construction. This hardside luggage material is extremely lightweight and durable. Hence users can pack as much as they can for their journey and also experience heavy-duty protection. Polycarbonate materials are also visually stimulating and scratch-resistant.. As a result, your Samsonite maintains its outlook, even after the hundredth trip.

 Another feature of this best hardside luggage material is its expandability, allowing for added packing capacity. Innovative TSA  keyless locks ensure that belongings remain safe and secure. Manufactures of the Samsonite hardside luggage material give à 10-year warranty on this product.

3. Coolife Luggage Expandable 3 Piece Sets PC+ABS Spinner Suitcase


The Coolife Luggage with expandable 3 piece sets is à strong contender in the best hardside luggage material review. The outer stock of the Coolife comes from reliable ABS material. Not only is the ABS lightweight, but it is also durable and impact-resistant. The functionality of the Coolife comes enhanced with molded corner guard reinforcements for absorbing and deflecting shock.

Depending on the user’s needs, the Coolife Luggage includes an expandable main compartment for increased packing capacity. The presence of four spinner wheels ensures the suitcase moves smartly through 360 degrees of motion.

4. StrongBags Latitude 19″ Professional Hardside 4 Wheel Spinner Carry-On Luggage


The StrongBags Latitude, 19 inch professional, offers users good functionality and performance for their money. For starters, the manufacturers of the StrongBagsstate that this best hardside luggage bag comes virtually indestructible! This is because the base material of the StrongBag is the innovative Polypropylene Thermoplastic. This material ensures that the bag is not only lightweight but also impact-resistant.

 In addition, the StrongBagswith  a TSA-approved secure lock system that guarantees the safety of one’s belongings.

5. AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Suitcase Luggage with Built-In TSA Lock and Wheels


The AmazonBasics Premium rounds up the best hardside luggage material compilation. Users will enjoy performance and functionality from the durable yet flexible polycarbonate material. The AmazonBasics offers great impact-resistance and lightness. The AmazonBasics undergoes rigorous testing across parameters such as overall stability, dynamic handle strength, and castor and wheel durability.


From the foregone, the user has several options of best hardside luggage material available and you can check the best bag for commuting to work here Selecting one or more of these materials depends on several factors. The chief consideration often centers on affordability. However, in terms of availability and usage, most buyers often go for either aluminum or polycarbonate hardside luggage materials.

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