Best lightweight luggage for international travel

People embark on international travel for various reasons. While some embark on international travels for educational purposes, others may do so for business engagements or simply pleasure. Whatever the category, one common aspect of international travel is one’s luggage. Considering that international voyages are often long and engaging, it is important to go with the right luggage carrier. The best lightweight luggage for international travel fits this bill. Your luggage carrier should aid seamless movement and goods loading; you should be able to move from place to place with luggage with minimum fuss and little or no fatigue


The following factors should guide your selection of the best lightweight luggage for international travel:


The size of the best lightweight luggage for international travel is unique to the user. The rule of thumb is to go for a suitcase that meets your needs adequately. Again, the purpose of your travel should play an important part in your type of lightweight luggage.


As this article’s thrust centers on lightweight luggage carriers, the weight of the suitcase becomes a priority. It is best to shun luggage carriers that add unnecessary kilos to your belongings and other items.

 A good reference point in this regard is the kind of material employed in the production of the luggage carrier. Use It is a large bag made up of Italian polished calf-skin will need to find a balance between high-quality materials and the need to keep items safe and secure while in transit.


Many of the best lightweight luggage for international travel come in two or four-wheelers. With the former, it is tasking moving it from place to place. Many travelers often go for suitcases with four wheels. Also known as spinners, these types of lightweight luggage carriers are easier to move and maneuver.

Soft side or Hardsi

It is a large bag made up of Italian polished calf-skin leather.

The choice of the type of exterior of the lightweight luggage carrier depends on the user. Softside luggage carriers are often lighter but may not offer your belongings the safety they need.


  1. Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 29 Inch Expandable Spinner


The Travelpro Luggage Maxlite makes a formidable entry in the best lightweight luggage for international travel. First, the Travel pro is a 29inch soft side bag that gives ample space for storing belongings. It performs this function while weighing under four kilograms.TheTravelpro has a large external pocket. Inside the case are a full-length interior lid pocket, side accessory pocket, and adjustable hold-down straps to ensure everything stays in one piece. The bag also has expandable capabilities to accommodate items and purchases on your trip.

The Travelpro comes with 4-wheel spinners that rotate 360 Degree. This feature arms this bag with superior maneuverability and a smooth glide in every direction. The manufacturers of the Travelpro give users a lifetime warranty on this product.

2. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels


The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner is a commendable lightweight luggage carrier for travelers searching for great quality at an affordable cost. This best lightweight luggage comes with several benefits. The internal structure of the Samsonite works well at keeping belongings organized and in place. Users will enjoy the book opening case with mesh divider and cross straps in the main compartment with a zipped modesty pocket. Expansion  and compression capabilities of the Samsonite allow users to pack more items and keeps clothing neatly pressed

Moving from place to place with the Samsonite comes easy with four multi-directional oversized spinner wheels for effortless mobility. The Samsonite’s external outlook inspires confidence: the core material is micro-diamond polycarbonate texture, which is scratch resistant.

Other noteworthy features of this best lightweight luggage carrier include a retractable handle and a side-mounted TSA lock for safety while traveling.

3. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels


The Delsey Paris Helium is another fantastic option in the best lightweight luggage for the international travel category. This 25-inch  bag is a great size with plenty of internal storage space. Users will find useful two large fully-lined compartments with multiple pockets that permit easy access and organization of items. The Delsey can also expand up to 2 inches to accommodate those extra purchases made on a trip.

The Delsey comes from 100 percent polycarbonate, which is a material that is extremely resilient to cracking, breaking, or scratching.

A side-mounted TSA security lock meets the traveler’s security needs at the airport and on the trip.

4. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable


The Skyway Luggage mirage is another worthy option for International travel. This best lightweight luggage for international travel features a full-length mesh pocket

: this provides space for user’s undergarments, belts, ties, and small, easy-to-lose valuables. Users can also achieve increased packing capacity with a simple pull of a side zipper.

The core material of the Skyway is polyester. This material ensures that the Skyway is durable, strong, and lightweight.

5. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase, Red, Checked-Large


The Victorinox Spectra makes its own case as à best lightweight luggage for international travel. For starters, it weighs in at just over 3 kilograms; so the user does get over-burdened with fatigue.

This bag comes with an eye-catching interior design. The top compartment has a zip-around mesh door that secures items in place. There is also a  bottom compartment with  Y-shaped compression straps and a zipper pocket to keep all belongings items strapped and in place.

The Victorinox is easy to move around with the presence of dual-caster spinner wheels.


The best lightweight luggage for international travel must fulfill the cardinal requirement of making your trip enjoyable and seamless. Your final choice for the best lightweight luggage will pass the standard criteria for selection. Note that one’s sense of style and overriding needs will also play an important role in the selection process.

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